Dayasagar Social And Educational Trust

We are ISO Certified NGO
Samson J. Nikalje

We are a non-profit organisation that works for poor people of our communities with a mission to enabling all to maximize their potential and transform their lives.

Our areas of focus are education, health, generating livelihoods. We have one center in Nasik. Through our center, strong educational foundation, good time and values, support is provided to many childrens. We also help them to earn a steady livelihood as a step towards improving their standard of living.

We are dedicated to our mission and we assume the responsibility of working towards its achievement.

We promote teamwork and collaborate with other organisations and institutions to enhance synergies and improve our work. We are motivated by result-oriented activities and carry out our work with hope, passion and interest.

Membership of (DSET) is open to all, both men and women. You can join us in our social work. Contact Person: Samson J. Nikalje Phone: +919226704801 Registration No: Maharashtra/128/2008/Nashik.F/9775/Nashik. E-mail address:dayasagarsocialtrust@gmail.com